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Midmichigan Community Health Pharmacy

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Midmichigan Community Health Pharmacy

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Female PA is unprofessional and rude. I have been here more than once and the staff overall has been polite and professional until our visit yesterday. We were going on a 3 hour wait without seeing the PA, so my son (who was the patient with a high fever and feeling miserable) and I were having a conversation when she (the PA) opened the door to our exam room and became very rude and unprofessional to me over a comment I made to my son about the wait time. She continued to be unprofessional and rude to me during her 5 minute examination of my son.

Jody Bennett
8 months ago
1 / 5

Did a s''ty job on my mom went she break her knee. They didn't even help!

Elizabeth Valko
10 months ago
1 / 5

DO NOT GO HERE! Mary Ann Frick is by far the worst and rudest "physician" I have ever encountered. I sat there for hours with a fever of almost 102 just to be told to go home and that there was NOTHING wrong with me (even though I had a fever for a week and was in severe pain) They did a urine test on me to tell me I didn't have a UTI, I don't understand why because I did not complain of anything that would suggest that I would and was not tested for anything else. When I asked a question about her "diagnosis" she YELLED at me and told me she wasn't going to argue with me about other possibilities, I explained I was not arguing and had merely asked a question and was trying to get help. She then told me I needed to leave and go see my primary care doctor (who could not get me in and told me to go to the walk-in) I told her she did not need to be so rude to me and she yelled "DO NOT EVEN START WITH ME!" I went to the hospital the next day and found out I had a severe infection that needed antibiotics. This place is absolutely horrible and the treatment is nothing short of malpractice.

I Barber
2 years ago
1 / 5

Wow, this place is horrible. ..I should have listened to other review and drove to West Branch first. My husband got sick on vacation and I dropped him off at the center. He calls me saying that there is no doctor on staff today (called in sick), but they are accepting patients and trying to transfer them. When he asked what the time frame on this was, the receptionist told him "there is only one receptionist and one doctor on staff, we see 40-50 patients a day, so I can't tell you how long it will take." (There were 4 patients (including him) there. Needless to say, I went back, picked him up and drove to West Branch. He has a 45 minute wait and that is pretty good. How can an urgent care even have open doors if there us no one on staff that can treat patients? Should have been closed if they can't find a doctor.

julie roth
3 years ago
1 / 5

Horrible experience and incompetent staff. This place is awful, I have never had such terrible service. I have been here multiple times and every time it gets worse. I will never be going there again. I had to go to another doctor just to get the treatment I desperately needed and they were appalled with the facility's neglect and inadequate care. Take the extra 25 minutes and drive to Grayling or West Branch.

Anytime Jessica
3 years ago