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Corner Drug Store-Hemet

3.5 / 5.0

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Corner Drug Store-Hemet
Corner Drug Store-Hemet
Corner Drug Store-Hemet

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I have gone to this store for a few years and even though I have now moved to Riverside I still get my prescriptions here. They have always, Always been very nice and I love the people that are there. The pharmacist even called me on my birthday!! When I was getting ready to go to hospital they were very helpful. If you haven't been here yet I strongly recommend giving this pharmacy a try.

5 / 5
Cathi krewson
2 months ago

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2 / 5

I only went there twice I tend to give a place a second or third chance but after my second visit there I wasn't treated with what I would call proper courtesy. They were standoffish, there was a rudeness in their tone; like we really don't want your business, but since you're here we have to serve you. That's what it felt like, that's how it was presented, so I haven't gone back. 😎

Noreen Hicks
2 months ago