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Carrollwood Pharmacy

4.4 / 5.0

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Carrollwood Pharmacy
Carrollwood Pharmacy
Carrollwood Pharmacy
Carrollwood Pharmacy

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Extremely helpful. Very friendly. When a big-name pharmacy kept yanking me around I decided to go back to a smaller, privately owned place. I was not disappointed with Carrollwood Pharmacy. They welcomed me, took care of my issues, helped me work out any problems with my insurance, and I was on my way in 15 minutes. Thank you.

5 / 5
Jordan Puckett
1 day ago

Dan and his staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Dan went out his way to help me with a prescription this past year.

5 / 5
Scott Moseley
4 months ago

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5 / 5

Very nice people and a well organized business. Family owned and looking out for what truly is best for the patients and a great resource for physicians. One stop shop for medications with a family atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Luis Valdes
8 months ago
5 / 5

This is the only pharmacy I go to, I refer everyone here! The service is impeccable and so much faster than everywhere else. ***Another reviewer said this place doesn't like to help customers or answer questions - that is not true since they have an ENTIRE OFFICE just for private Q&A consultations with the owner/pharmacist!*** Insurance accepted but excellent cash prices too. They have most meds in stock and if not they will order it for you next-day (not like chain stores that make you wait several days or a week for orders so they can save money). Most importantly, the pharmacist is honest and genuinely cares about patients' well-being and health. I only use big-box pharmacies for late-night emergencies now since I found Carrollwood Compounding Pharmacy. I literally drive 30 minutes one-way and pass dozens of other pharmacies on the way because I know I can count in the staff for service, safety, and reliability.

Sakuya Starwind
1 year ago
4 / 5

Excellent compounding formula. Just two things. They recently are forgetting to call back to let you know you prescription is ready. And my husband arrived tonight at 6:01 to pick up my prescription on his way home from work as they were locking the door. He asked if he could pick up the RX for me and they said no, come back at 9:00 am tomorrow. That's why I did not give them a 5Star. I am disabled.

Guatemalan Globes
10 months ago