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Thrifty Mac Discount Drug

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Thrifty Mac Discount Drug
Thrifty Mac Discount Drug

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Nice staff!!friendly☺

5 / 5
Kari Russell
28 days ago

No complaints at all, the ppl that work here are ultra helpful and extremely happy, love this place! 👍💖💗💙

5 / 5
Tony Manley
9 months ago

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5 / 5

I have been doing business here for 20 years. They will go the extra mile to take care of you. They are a good source for medical supplies like oxygen, wheel chairs, etc. as well as prescription drugs. If you are having a party or wedding you can rent table clothes and other accessories here. They are also the local source for the Big Green Egg outdoor cooker.

Debbie Hodge
1 year ago
5 / 5

My pharmacy for years and years. They take care of me!! George (the owner) is a kind person. The staff in the pharmacy is quite a happy and helpful group. I couldn't ask more of a pharmacy, matter of fact a pharmacy like this is hard to find. I'm grateful they are there.

Phyllis Anderson
1 year ago
1 / 5

My grandmother and I came in today with a prescription for a rollator walker and a shower seat for my grandfather who recently fell. George asked if she wanted to buy one or have someone else pay for one which was a bit distasteful. She wouldn't have gone out of her way to get a prescription had she not wanted insurance to cover it but by insinuating that she wanted "someone else to pay for it" was uncalled for. They paid into Medicare for years and pay monthly for their part B plan to have the coverage they need. He then informed us that a rollator walker was not covered and very little would be covered for a standard walker (which wouldn't work for my grandfathers needs) and a shower seat wasn't covered at all. Not once did he ever run their insurance to see if the information he was giving us was correct and basically said sorry he couldn't help us. So we left and went to another medical supply store where they took the prescription and insurance card and found out that a rollator walker was in fact covered and that insurance would pay 80% and would bill them for the rest which he said would be a one time charge of about $13. Had George actually run the insurance information he would have known this but he didn't. He just turned us away "assuming" his information was correct and that's bad business . My grandparents have lived here their entire adult lives and have friends deep in the community and I will make sure we share our experience so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. We certainly won't be stepping inside Thirfty Mac again.

3 months ago