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Vyto's Pharmacy Hohman

4.2 / 5.0

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family owned super nice help and fast great delivery love it

5 / 5
sandy Wheeler
7 months ago

They have a wonderful and friendly staff here. I've had nothing but perfect service from them.

5 / 5
Randy H
9 months ago

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5 / 5

It's one of those places that were they still give you that old-fashioned good customer service and they know you by name and they treat you excellent the place is clean they go out of their way to help you and make sure that you get whatever you need and the right things and not try to sell you something just so they could get money from big-name companies they care about their customers

Judie Forsythe
10 months ago
3 / 5

Pharmacy needs regroup to assure quality dispensing of drugs in a "safety first" manor. Pill identification and intended usage of drugs, drug interactions, how to identify when their maybe a problem. These should be given to patrons without asking. A copy of order to dispense from the Dr. on the bottle may not good enough. The drugs and equiptment sold, and services used are quality. The employees are pleasant and concerned, yet without all the warning lables printed there is room for possible errors. For this reason Im downgrading them with the intention of helping them to identify, pursue, and provide the public a safer establishment. PS: This is also my Pharmacy.

Charles Anderson
9 months ago
1 / 5

Rude staff. Unreliable. As a provider, I will never order medications for my patients from there again, I have had huge safety concerns with them and would never recommend to others.

Tracey Lynn
6 months ago