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Wye Oak Pharmacy-Baltimore

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Very nice people and service was fast

5 / 5
Melissa Fuller
1 year ago

Our family has been assisted by Wye Oak Pharmacy since they opened. The management is excellent and the drivers are as nice as you find anywhere. Our prescriptions have always been filled correctly over all these years and that frankly is amazingly wonderful especially considering how the generic brands change shape and color for the same prescription depending on who is manufacturing them; Why Oak makes sure no-matter what that we are delivered the correct medication with the right labeling. They find the cheapest generic brands each time we order to provide the best prices. I have compared prices to many others in the area and they are by far the best. Insurance has never been a hassle and they are knowledgeable in what is needed to be done to make everything work right. Free delivery and Free Pick-up has been a real help to us as we are a housebound elderly couple and a disabled bed bound son, who do not get around easily. I highly recommend them especially for people who are in need of that little extra help and courtesy.

5 / 5
Otter Bond
2 years ago

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4 / 5

Friendly staff, decent prices, and convenient hours.

Michael Warren
7 months ago
3 / 5

I had called looking for a medication that has been on back order, Oxycodone 10mg. They said that they wont fill it unless i have some other prescription to fill with it that isnt a controlled medication. I went on to tell them that i had 2 other scripts at my usual pharmacy that i go to but am looking for this certain medication snce it was on backorder there and if need be they can call and transfer those scripts there. I was explaining how i had just seen my surgeon today and am going for a knee sugery next week so it was a small quantity (#30) and then i get cut off by the pharmacist that i was talking to only for him to say that he doesnt care what i tell him it will not be filled there. Between the pharmacist and the tech i got nothing but attitude from the begining. If they didnt want to fill it all they had to do is say it wasnt in stock. I worked at a pharmacy for 2 years as a technician and am in the Navy Reserves and when i got off the phone with them i must say i felt very hurt as if i was being judged. Not everyone scams and has fake prescriptions so i dont think its fair to treat everyone as if they do. Reccomend not using this pharmacy b/c im sure everyone as well as myself would like to be treated with respect, not looked down upon since i have to take pain medication for my knee for the time being until surgery. Cant believe that!!

Jessica King
5 years ago
1 / 5

This establishment has the rudest staff I have ever dealt with not only at a pharmacy but in any store. I am a business owner myself and if my employees treated my customers the way Wye Oak employees have treated me I would have been out of business many years ago. I have used them for several years out of convenience to my office. However, today when the pharmacist called to explain a problem with my RX to me and I did not understand what he was explaining he refused to repeat it and told me he already explained the problem in clear English. I do not think that is acceptable when a customer who perhaps is ill asks to have it explained again. This is not the first time Ihave had a problem with a Wye Oak employee. They have been rude to me every time I go in the place and I will no longer be putting up with that type of disrespect as I am a customer and I have a choice. I am not doing them a favor by choosing to do business here. The owner Dave is a wonderful and kind gentleman. The pharmacist is rude and nasty, always and so are all of the people who work there. The women have been rude and nasty ever time I go in and today after dealing with a nasty and obnoxious pharmacist was the last straw. I am sorry Dave, I have tried to stay a customer but can no longer go in there ( I was not feeling well today and to be treated like I was by your pharmacist today was the last straw)for medication and be treated without respect as a customer. As a business owner myself I would not tolerate this type of customer service from any of my employees and I have tried to overlook this issue for many years. I can no longer overlook the way I am treated as a paying customer, especially on a day where I am not feeling well.

liz edelstein
1 year ago