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Buford Road Pharmacy-Richmond

4.4 / 5.0

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Buford Road Pharmacy-Richmond
Buford Road Pharmacy-Richmond
Buford Road Pharmacy-Richmond
Buford Road Pharmacy-Richmond

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Looking for a old-fashioned hands on pharmacy experience; then look no further? I love the cute stuff they sell here and you find medications here that you won't find in CVS or Walmart. They're ole school in what they offer. A nurses' dream store.

5 / 5
Kathy Wilson Jones
15 days ago

Awesome. First visit here not just a Pharmacy it has an amazing gift shop w her unique items plus a lot of healthcare items. Very cool.

5 / 5
Tonya Patterson
5 months ago

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4 / 5

What distinguishes this pharmacy is the genuinely helpful staff. It strives to be part of the neighborhood. The depth of products suffers when compared to some of the larger chains, but I generally find what I'm looking for. A lot of space is taken up by pedestrian gifts and cheap toys, but i suppose that helps support the rest of the operation.

John Duke
7 months ago
1 / 5

I'm disgusted by the treatment I received and under no circumstances will I be returning. I was sent to this pharmacy by my physician as I was in need of medical supplies that I couldn't locate at the local chain pharmacies. I also had a prescription to be filled so I wanted to have that done while locating the necessary supplies. After waiting approximately 30 minutes, I was called over by the pharmacist to ask me why I was there getting a prescription filled. I thought that was an odd question but I advised him of the doctor referring me. He then proceeds to tell me he can't fill any prescriptions without speaking with my doctor who he was unable to get on the phone. He stated that I apparently have had multiple prescriptions filled in the last few months at 4 to 5 other pharmacies. Since when is it a crime to get prescriptions filled at different pharmacies? When I was recently in the hospital having my 7th surgery in the last year they had a pharmacy fill the prescriptions prescribed at discharge by their local pharmacy. (Apparently this is standard protocol to make it more convenient for patients following discharge). Prior to that surgery, I had to go to a specific pharmacy that my doctor sent the prescription to because no other pharmacy in the metro Richmond area had all 4 medicines needed to create that drug cocktail. Mind you most of the medications filled have been for nausea and vomiting due to my diagnosis. What I was getting filled today was a non narcotic pain medication due to a surgery 2 weeks ago. The pharmacist stated I can't fill it so you should go to one of your other pharmacies. I felt extremely discriminated against as if I was some crazy pain pill seeker. Seriously you can blatantly see all the tubing connected to me and see the constant pain I'm in and you turn me away in an accusatory fashion. This is unacceptable and I will make sure everyone knows this is how patients with dire medical issues are turned away without merit.

Michelle Crowder
12 days ago
1 / 5

I have been using this store for years for my elderly mothers mastectomy bras as well as other items. She is on a very fixed income and paid for them when she picked them up. In the past she had gotten her money back by this time. It has been over 6 weeks and every time I call I am told that it has not even been submitted to medicare and they cant even give me a time frame the it will be submitted. I even asked if I could submit it and was told that they have to. I have asked to speak to the person that does the billing and I am told the person is part time and no one knows her hours. Every time I ask to speak to a manager I'm told that she wont be in until the next day. I just think this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. With the multiple times I have called It is hard to believe that at any point a manage isn't there. I have left both my phone number as well as my mothers, with no return call. I cant believe that she is the only elderly person this is happening to. I just think that a store with the good reputation they have always had would be more sensitive to the needs of their customers.

Marie Turner
4 months ago