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Well-Care Pharmacy

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Well-Care Pharmacy
Well-Care Pharmacy
Well-Care Pharmacy
Well-Care Pharmacy

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Every time I go there, they make me feel like a real community member that they know and like. You can imagine what a good feeling that gives me. I also find that they have almost everything else that I need, besides prescriptions, except maybe for gum, which is not good for me anyway.

5 / 5
Jeanne Mann
2 months ago

Friendly atmosphere, prescriptions are ready within a reasonable timeframe. Pharmacist very knowledgeable in his line of work and is always ready to assist you with any questions asked,. In addition, the staff is courteous, prompt and always pleasant. Thumbs up!!!!

5 / 5
Sonia Alexander
1 year ago

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3 / 5

I can't be too judgemental since this is the only pharmacy just a step across my home, but they should upgrade their mostly Latino employees. When I come in for a refill or help, the second cashier and another worker gives me the stank face or worst ask me "what I want" or "what I'm doing" . To the surprise of me at how they lack common hospitality . There are two other employees that are nice & very helpful, but when I come in and there's only miss bad attitude there to help it turns me off from coming in. If CVS weren't far I'd opt there. A word to the two very mean employees, just because I'm not Latino doesn't mean I will steal or harm you, there's worser people out there, like Trump supporters.

RiRi Amethyst
12 days ago