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Are you taking two or more medications on a regular basis? Do you make a lot of trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions? How often do you run out of medicine and miss days before you can get a refill? Have you forgotten to get your doctor to authorize the refill? Would you like to reduce pharmacy visits to one per month? Now, your local community pharmacist can put all your prescriptions on the same schedule. So you only need to pick up refills (or have them delivered) once a month!

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Community pharmacies around the U.S. are offering many new healthcare services for their patients' well-being. One of these services is coordinating prescriptions so you can pick them all up on the same day. Medication Synchronization or Med Sync for short, is a very simple way to manage multiple prescriptions that is becoming more and more popular.
How Will You Benefit?
Filling all your scripts on the same day each month will help you keep on your regular medication schedule and stay healthy. Additional benefits include:
  • Convenience - Just one pharmacy visit each month! After the adjustment period, all of your routine medications are filled for a 30-day supply, every 30 days. Your medications can even be delivered to you.
  • Peace of mind - Scheduled refills lessen your chances of running out of medications, forgetting to renew prescriptions, or missing doses.
  • Better care - All refills will be handled by the pharmacy—no need to call ahead. Your pharmacist will coordinate with your doctor and insurance provider to make sure your medications are current before you pick them up.
  • Less stress - Since refills are managed by your local pharmacy, you won't have to track, remember, or worry about your prescriptions any more.
  • No cost - Med Sync is a completely free service that supports your best health at no cost to you.
  • Advance planning - Because your refills will be ready on your scheduled pickup or delivery date, you can plan your time more efficiently. Your community pharmacy can even coordinate refills for other family members so they are all available on the same day!
  • Personalized service - Monthly medication reviews with your pharmacist give you the chance to discuss your prescriptions, dosage adjustments, side effects, interactions, and ask any questions you may have.

Find a top-performing community pharmacy in your area that can streamline all your refills and provide high-quality, personalized customer care. Support local business, synchronize your prescriptions and improve your health with Med Sync!