Medication Review | PrescribeWellness
Medication Review | PrescribeWellness
Are you taking your medication properly?
Are you taking multiple medications? Did you recently leave a hospital visit with new prescriptions? Are you unsure why you are taking the medicine your doctor prescribed? Have you discussed possible interactions with your doctor? Do you need reminders to refill prescriptions or take your daily medicines? Would you like help taking the right medicines at the right time?

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Medication Review | PrescribeWellness
Taking many prescriptions can be confusing. You may get new meds after a hospital stay, but not know if you should stop older ones. And at the doctor's office, it's easy to forget your questions until after you leave.

Your local community pharmacy can help—with Medication Therapy Management (MTM) or Medication Review. This is a face-to-face discussion with your pharmacist about each of your prescriptions, over-the counter medicines and supplements, so they can:
  • Ensure you are taking the right medication to make you healthier.
  • Check for interactions that might be harmful or work with your doctor to substitute more effective options.
  • View your immunization records to suggest ways to prevent future illness.
  • Synchronize refills, allowing you to pick up all your meds on the same day.
  • Recommend other health and wellness services to support you.
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Why is Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Valuable?
Not taking medication correctly is a leading cause of hospitalization, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH). MTM with your community pharmacist enhances communication and closes the gap to minimize errors. Other benefits include:
  • Better Health - Your pharmacist will identify negative interactions and recommend the right medicines to take at the right time. They can also set up an automatic reminder for when to take or refill your Rx. This will help you recover faster and stay as healthy as possible.
  • More Control - Many patients find medication therapy confusing and even overwhelming. Understanding why you were given each prescription, and the safest way to take them, will assist you to take charge of your healthcare.
  • Cost savings - A Review may help you purge similar drugs prescribed by more than one doctor or older prescriptions that you shouldn't keep taking with the new ones. Plus, staying out of the hospital saves tons of money! Any charge for the MTM service is often covered by insurance.
  • Personalized plan - Your medication treatment should be as unique as you are. MTM allows you and your pharmacist to discuss health goals, then customize an action plan that supports your specific needs.
  • Synchronized prescriptions - Ask your pharmacist about coordinating all of your household's ongoing prescriptions so they can be picked up or delivered just once a month.