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Pharmacies in the PrescribeWellness network are more than medication providers. Support your community (and grow revenue) with new population health services that foster healthy behaviors and prevent disease. PrescribeWellness provides you with end-to-end guides on how to operate these care plans, promote them to patients, and collect reimbursements. Easily record, track, and transfer data across all patient care plans.

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Grow your vaccination business. Most pharmacies miss over 70% of immunization opportunities, but VaccineComplete lets you see a patient’s missing vaccinations so you can offer them during a pickup visit. (Or, proactively reach out to a list of patients with a pre-recorded message). Offer vaccines for MMR, TDAP, HPV, shingles, pneumonia, seasonal flu, and more, as well as CDC-recommended travel vaccinations to build a younger patient base. With an average of $23 per vaccination, a comprehensive vaccination program grows your pharmacy revenue.

VaccineComplete offers automatic reporting and end-to-end data tracking and transfers so all your patient data is in one place. You’ll also receive the VaccineComplete Guidebook, an end-to-end guide on how to implement a new vaccination program including checklists to help you maintain compliance, screen and educate patients, and follow protocols for vaccine administration, storage, and disposal. Get instructions and forms to register as a Mass Immunizer Provider to collect reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and third party networks.

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We provide you with marketing messaging to support the care plan, as well as recruitment messaging to encourage patients to join the program. The included Marketing Kit provides you with point-of-sale handouts, promotional messaging for social media, and direct recruitment messaging for patients to join the program.

When they hear it’s you, it’s amazing. Everybody listened to the call.David Smith, PharmDSalinas, CA

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Smoking Cessation

Help patients stop smoking with the Smoking Cessation Care Plan, a 365-day support system for behavior change. Send patients daily check-ins, tips, encouragement, and appointment reminders over text, email, and phone as they progress through their journey.

The Smoking Cessation Guidebook gives you step-by-step guidance on how to set up automatic communications recorded in your voice, as well as how to run 1-on-1 counseling, live classes, support groups, and more. The included Marketing Kit helps you promote your program with point-of-sale handouts and pre-scripted promotional messaging for phone calls and social media.

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Take regular biometric screenings and record a patient’s biometric history in your Patient Engagement Center. Measure weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, A1c, and more. Track, trend, deliver, and transfer patient data.

A comprehensive overview of a patient’s biometric and medication information in one place allows you to perform advanced interventions, identify risks for hypertension, and make recommendations to physicians about patient dosing and adherence. Your pharmacy will become an easily accessible, regular destination for patients to get biometric readings, and will facilitate a more meaningful collaboration between pharmacist, physician, and patient for long-term preventative health.

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Opioid Management

Improve quality of life and decrease side effects for patients on opioids with an Opioid Management plan. Pharmacies in the PrescribeWellness network will be able to provide Naloxone prescriptions to patients, as well as identify those who could benefit from counseling and educational materials.

The Opioid Management Guidebook provides educational materials and step-by-step guidance, as well as support to collect reimbursements and coordinate with outside groups. The included Marketing Kit helps you recruit patients in the community to enroll in your services.

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