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As a patient-centric pharmacy, you need tools to help you identify and support all of a patient’s health care needs. Visualize and act on your patients’ data to instantly see opportunities for better patient service, increased adherence, and revenue growth. Compatible with 99% of Pharmacy Management Systems.

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Patient Engagement Center

Check your transactions, Star Ratings, calls, and other statistics from your Pharmacy Management System, and slice by insurance plan, payer, physician, and physician group. Use the tool to identify underperforming patients, and reach out to them withPharmacy GrowthandPharmacy Nowfor adherence and supportive services.

The PrescribeWellness Patient Engagement Center provides us with a real-time snapshot of our adherence ratings that we can use to promote our “adherence solutions” to local clinics and payers. It gives us the data we need to back our claims.David Smith, PharmDSalinas, CA

Rich patient profiles let you capture a granular medical record for each of your customers, including their biometrics history, nursing home information, language preferences, vaccine history, recommended vaccines, adherence, and more. Counsel your patients on insurance plan selection with tools like PrescribeMedicare right alongside your patient’s details.

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Pharmacy Growth

With PharmacyGrowth, you can identify which customers need to visit your pharmacy and schedule a text message, email, or call recorded in the pharmacist’s voice. Invite them to do an in-person plan review, remind them to refill meds, offer a flu vaccine, manage call bins (cut return to stock by 30%), promote a National Nutrition Month campaign, and more. Leave a birthday wish for a special touch to increase loyalty and stay top of mind.

Listen to a personal scripted message

PharmacyGrowth is the industry’s most effective tool to increase adherence, loyalty, and Star Ratings. Pharmacies that use PharmacyGrowth increase script volume by 3 times the national average of annual growth for community pharmacies. See your campaign results and script fills right in thePatient Engagement Centerdashboard.

When they hear it’s you, it’s amazing. Everybody listened to the call.David Smith, PharmDSalinas, CA

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Pharmacy Now

PharmacyNow is a to-do list in your pharmacy workflow that uses Pharmacy Management System data to predict which customers will come in this week and highlight the additional care they need.

For example, you can see that an incoming customer is eligible for Med Sync enrollment or due for an MTM appointment and schedule them immediately. Get notified when patients are eligible for a plan review, and have a message automatically sent to them in the pharmacist’s voice when they are turning 65. You can also print educational materials based on a patient’s disease state with the PrescribeWellness pharmacy-sponsored education program.

PharmacyNow’s task-based workflow helps staff stay on top of fill orders, anticipate demand, and complete tasks. Mirixa cases are integrated so you can easily call a prospect and recruit them.

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