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Build relationships with your patients for better care. Synchronize medication pickups into a single monthly appointment and perform efficient CMRs and Medicare plan reviews to increase adherence, improve Star Ratings, and lower DIR fees.

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StarWellness (Med Sync)

Med Sync allows your patients to pick up all of their ongoing prescription refills on one single, convenient day each month. StarWellness patients are over 2.5 times more likely to adhere to their medications—98% of patients enrolled in a Med Sync program are adherent. This keeps them healthy, improves your Star Ratings, and lowers your variable DIR fees. It also grows your revenue: the average patient fills 7.4 out of 12 refills, and Med Sync bumps them up to 11 out of 12, generating an additional 3.6 scripts per medication per patient.

There’s no question that we need technology to scale the number of patients on Appointment Based Models. Fundamentally, we hit a ceiling with a limited number of patients. PrescribeWellness’ StarWellness platform provides all the technology necessary for me to raise the ceiling and manage hundreds of patients.Pete CrouchRPh, Eden Drug

Avoid busy Mondays and last-minute refill requests before holidays. Pre-scheduled, synced pickups help your staff proactively stay on top of fills for an easier pharmacy workflow throughout the week. Predictable pickups also give you the chance to spend more 1-on-1 time with a patient, so you can offer CMRs, counseling, and other services that build trust.

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MTM Assist

CMRs are one of the key services a pharmacy provides to empower a patient to self-manage their health and medication, improve adherence, and grow loyalty between patient and provider. MTM Assist lets you perform faster CMRs and help more patients, with tools that make it efficient to collect patient information and spot medication problems.

MTM Assist suggests conversations to address medication issues with the patient, caregiver and prescriber. It also highlights polypharmacy risks and acts as a second set of eyes for medication interactions to improve CMR accuracy.

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Make sure your Medicare patients are on the best plan for their goals and budget. PrescribeMedicare lets you review Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans with patients, then enroll them in a plan that best fits their financial and medication needs. Over 50% of Medicare patients can benefit from a plan change and conducting a plan review makes patients 4 times more likely to stay loyal to your pharmacy after 1 year.

Compare plans side-by-side and filter for:
  • Monthly premium
  • Annual deductible
  • Patient’s average drug cost
  • Star Ratings
  • Plan Ratings
  • Insurance networks
  • Drug coverage
  • Medicaid and Social Security support

Schedule a recurring campaign with PharmacyGrowth to reach out to patients with an upcoming 65th birthday, or use PharmacyNow to see their eligibility and suggest a review when they come in for an appointment. Automatically contact all Medicare patients during Open Enrollment about how you can help them choose the right plan.

PrescribeMedicare provides us the opportunity to work with our patients and present them with prescription drug plans that work in conjunction with their current medications. By sharing the monthly financial impact to our patients, we believe we will improve their medication adherence tremendously.Larry HadleyRPh, Wayne’s Pharmacy, Frankfort, KYA

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