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Switch to a community pharmacy for a lifetime of better care.
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    Why choose your local
    community pharmacy?

    Go to your community pharmacist for routine care and face-to-face advice. You’ll never miss the doctor’s office and chain drugstores.

    Where everybody, knows your name

    Where everybody
    knows your name

    Community pharmacists stay by your side for years to guide you through treatments and insurance plans.

    One pickup for, all your prescriptions.

    One pickup for
    all your prescriptions.

    Pick up your routine refills on the same day, no more than once per month. Or just get home delivery.

    Skip the wait at, the doctor’s office.

    Skip the wait at
    the doctor’s office.

    You can get vaccines, blood pressure checks, nutrition advice, and more at a community pharmacy.

    Visit your local pharmacist for:
    • Travel vaccines
    • Weight loss support
    • Flu vaccine
    • Medication delivery
    • Rheumatoid arthritis management
    • Diabetes management
    • Virtual clinic
    • COPD management and inhaler support
    • Shoe fittings for diabetics
    • Medicare plan counseling
    • Diet and nutrition counseling
    • Custom medication
    • Opioid overdose treatment
    • Blood thinner management
    • Prescriptions for pets
    • HPV vaccine
    • Care services
    • Vaccinations
    • Lifestyle health
    • Medication review with a pharmacist
    • Fall prevention
    • Quit smoking plans
    • Depression evaluation
    • Measles and mumps vaccine
    • Bronchitis and emphysema management
    • Pneumonia vaccine
    • Kidney disease management
    • Biometrics measures (height, weight, body fat)
    • Osteoarthritis management
    • Once-a-month medication pickup
    • Blood pressure screening
    • Shingles vaccine
    • Cholesterol medication management
    • Opioid management
    • TDAP vaccine
    • Hormone regulation
    • HIV management
    • Walk-in clinic
    • Daily medication blister packs
    • Hospital-to-home transitions
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